META, 2022:
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In 2022 I was given the wonderful opportunity to partner with Meta and Media Monks to Creative direct an AR filter & billboard designs inspired by butterfly migration patterns. 

I helped design each butterfly model used in the filter. They are all based off of real butterfly species.

Whisbe Vandalz collaboration:[stringTraits][0][name]=Bear&search[stringTraits][0][values][0]=Vandalized%20by%20Planttdaddii%20%E2%80%93%20Blue

SuperRare ICONS Curation, June 2022 with Nicole Ruggiero
More info here


I created 3 animated pieces for the "MaskVerse" an NFT project by FOX. Each one is a spin off of one of the characters / suits in the show. Creative freedom was limited with this project. 
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Collectable, 2022. 
In collaboration with Nicole Ruggiero.  More about the porject here:
I do a fair amount of work creating 3D Assets for various brands, 3D artists, motion designers as well. This includes sculpts of shoes, animals, insects, objects etc. 

Medusa remix album art: view artwork

Charli XCX
Claws music video
3D work 2020
link to full video
parts of video I helped with

REZZ, visuals for 'HEX' 2019. 

LIGHTS, redrocks visuals 2019.